Candidate Instructional Guide - November 2022 Election

Ballot Designation

conduct, professions, vocations, or occupations prohibited by state or federal law.


All candidates, whether proposing a ballot designation or not, are required to submit a Ballot Designation Worksheet with nomination documents. Any required verification documentation shall accompany this worksheet and shall be provided at the time of submitting nomination documents. The form shall be typed using the electronic fillable form; handwritten forms shall not be accepted. A sample Ballot Designation Worksheet is included at the end of this section. On the worksheet, the candidate shall be asked to indicate which one of the four options is being selected for their proposed designation. If the candidate selects option 4 (principal profession, vocation, or occupation) as their designation type, the candidate shall provide their preferred designation and may elect to propose alternate designations. The alternate designations shall only be considered if the preferred designation does not adhere to the provisions of the Elections Code. Ballot designations proposed under this category shall be verifiable. Therefore, the candidate shall complete the verification section of the worksheet. If needed, the City Clerk shall verify the information submitted and may ask the candidate for additional verifying information. If the candidate selects option 1, 2 or 3 as the designation type of “candidate’s elective office”, “incumbent” or “appointed incumbent”, or the word “appointed” in conjunction with the “elective office” the candidate shall attach a copy of the official Certificate of Election or Certificate of Appointment . If the candidate does not wish to submit a ballot designation, the worksheet shall be completed, and the candidate shall select the No Ballot Designation option.

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