Candidate Instructional Guide - November 2022 Election

Election Activities in General

As the Form 497 does not contain a signature field, only the electronic filing of this form is required. Additional details can be found in Chapter Seven of the Campaign Disclosure Manual 2.

Campaign Disclosure Reporting Deadlines

Several campaign disclosure statements are required by candidates who qualify as a recipient committee. The reporting period of these statements are pursuant to Government Code. Information regarding all filing deadlines and reporting periods pertaining to the upcoming election is included in Appendix D. Candidates who do not qualify as a recipient committee and elect not to file the Form 410 are only required to file the Form 470 short form.


Following the election, unsuccessful candidate or defeated officeholders should begin reviewing their campaign funds and allowable uses, as well as determine if their recipient committee should be terminated.

Surplus Funds

Campaign funds held by a non-incumbent defeated candidate or a candidate who withdraws from an election become surplus at the end of the semi-annual reporting period following the election. For candidates involved in the June Primary election, funds would become surplus on June 30. It is important to know when funds become surplus, because the use of surplus funds is restricted. To ensure the proper disposition of campaign funds, individuals who fall into the above categories shall take action before the end of the applicable reporting period. Additional details on surplus funds can be found in Chapter Nine of Campaign Disclosure Manual 2.

Terminating a Recipient Committee

When all financial obligations are met, the committee’s account has been spent or distributed, and a candidate ceases to raise or spend add i t i ona l funds, the committee should be terminated. An original Form 410 shall be filed with the Secretary of State, Political Reform Division, located at 1500 11 th Street, Room 495, Sacramento, CA 95814.

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