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The City of Morgan Hill was incorporated on November 10, 1906. Morgan Hill is in southern Santa Clara Valley, approximately 12 miles south of San Jose, 10 miles north of Gilroy, and 15 miles inland from the Pacific Coast. The Valley is approximately 4 miles wide and is surrounded by the Santa Cruz mountain range to the west, and the Diablo mountain range to the east. Parks and open spaces abound, making Morgan Hill one of the last communities in the region with a charming, small town atmosphere. The City Council consists of the Mayor and four council members representing separate districts in the City. The Mayor is elected by all City voters, while the council members are elected by voters residing in each district. The Mayor is required to live within the city limits and each council member is required to live in the district they represent. The Mayor serves a two-year term and the council members serve four-year terms. Elections are staggered and held in even number years. The Mayor and City Council seats for districts A and C are up for election in the same year, while the Mayor and City Council seats for districts B and D are up for election in the next even-numbered year. Candidates run for election during the November General election. In the case of a special election to fill a vacant office, the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes in the special election shall be elected to fill the vacant office. The person elected to fill a vacancy shall hold office for the remaining term of the former incumbent. The City Council may choose to fill a vacant office by appointment rather than special election. The City Council establishes city policies, ordinances and land uses; approves the City’s bi-annual budget, contracts, and agreements; hears appeals of decisions made by City staff and citizen advisory groups; and appoints the City Manager and City Attorney. Council members serve on several outside committees and joint power authorities. The Mayor and council members receive an annual stipend and benefits. Please refer to the Organization Chart in Appendix A for a detailed look at the City’s organizational structure.


Each council member represents a district of approximately 11,000 residents and serves as a liaison between the residents and businesses of the district, and City staff. The Mayor represents the entire City (population of approximately 45,000 residents) and serves as

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