Candidate Instructional Guide - November 2022 Election


a liaison, problem solver, and collaborator between organizations, businesses and City staff on major City issues and projects. Please refer to Appendix B for a detailed map of the City of Morgan Hill.

The Office of the Mayor is located at City Hall.


The City Council holds meetings on the first, third, and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, located at 17555 Peak Avenue. The City Council adopts the regular meeting schedule annually accommodating for holidays and most workshops. Occasionally, special meetings or workshops are held before a regularly scheduled City Council meeting. Council members serve on outside committees, as well as on a variety of joint power authorities and other committees. The joint power authorities and other committees include, but are not limited to, the Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority, Valley Transportation Authority, Santa Clara Valley Water District, Association of Bay Area Governments, and League of California Cities. Materials for regular City Council meetings are compiled in the form of an electronic agenda packet, which the Office of the City Clerk produces and publishes on the Friday prior to the meeting. Meeting materials are published electronically on the City’s website; paper copies are not provided. Supplemental or amended materials may also be presented for consideration before or during the meeting. Materials for authorities and other committees are provided by the respective agencies in relation to their meeting schedules.


Compensation, benefits, and allowances for the Mayor and council members are set by Ordinance. Please refer to Appendix C. Council members do not receive additional compensation for attendance at joint power authorities, or other committees.

Terms of Office

Members take office at a Special City Council Meeting typically scheduled for the second Wednesday in December in the year of their election, and their terms of office shall commence on said date. The Mayor serves a two-year term, while Council members

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